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Thursday, 14 August 2008 21:25

QTWatch Control Room Management system:

The new age business approach to alarm monitoring and security company management. Our vast experience and dedication have made us one of the leading control room software developing companies. All our software packages are developed and tested in-house, thus providing you with more personal attention. QTWatch control room software is a Windows-based software package that runs on the majority of software platforms and integrates with most base stations. Seamless network integration makes it the ideal choice for any size company and is always expandable. After sales service and 24 hour support is part of our commitment to provide the world’s most advanced control room software for those who want to be better and more effective!

We provide solutions, not just Control Room Software:

QTWatch is an advanced windows based alarm and event monitoring system developed with the ease of use in mind. It makes full use of the advantages and diversity of mouse activated functions that gives the operator freedom to attend to human intervention functions like communication with clients and reaction units. QTWatch offers a one screen solution for monitoring personnel that can be mastered in minutes. The system also have functions to guide the monitoring personnel in their activities to ensure quality operations especially during peak periods when pressure can damp logic human thoughts.

QTWatch followed a new age and business like approach in the design of its monitoring software. The system has always been a forerunner in client service enhancements i.e. SMS forwarding, Please Call me, community services information, client installation operational testing, etc. The other main feature of QTWatch is that the Client refers to the person who is paying and all information regarding payments, invoices, postal notifications etc. are linked to this person. The premises, site or account refers to a physical property or installation that is owned by the client. The Installation site is the hub of all information pertaining to the installation i.e. reaction address, key holders, contact information, CSID's, signals, actions, schedules / alerts etc.