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Call Details  Block (If this block is red - multiple activation of same alarm type has been received for the specific premises)

OB Ref Nr - Reference number created by system when alarm is received

Date/Time - Date and time alarm was activated

Code - Code of alarm that was received

Description - Description of code that was received

Controller - Type of controller used

CSID - Senders radio of panel identity number

Operator - Operator logged into the base system at the time of the call.

Zone - Indicates the location that was activated (
if available)

Key Nr - Name and numbers of registered key holders.

Account Info Block

Account No - Client’s account number

Tel - Telephone number of a client

Key Code - Code or telephone number of a specific client.

Installation Site Block

This field contains all the necessary information when an alarm was received.

Type - Business or residential

Code - Password

Contact - Person to be contacted when alarm was activated

Reactor/Alt - Response car that was dispatched

Call - Response cars send to site

Suburb - Area where alarm is installed on a site

Site - Telephone number

Cell - Cell phone number if no answer at telephone number

Reaction Add - Address where alarm was installed or activated

Actions Block

Date Time - Specifies the date and time actions were taken

Action - Type of actions taken

Remarks - More actions taken (if available)

Reference - Will display if typed in

Call Button

To remove a call or alarm from the stack when all the necessary action was taken.

Site Info Button

Displays additional information about the site and alarm received.

Remote Call Button

This button is used when a client calls to the control room to report an alarm.

Action Note Button

To type in any additional information needed for the alarm

Hide Button

To return to the Main Screen.




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